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    Material Girl

    I’m going to be straight up: the six things in my life I can’t do without are rooted in selfishness. They are mostly materialistic, but they are what make me whole. So, without further ado, here they are.

    Television. As a self-proclaimed television savant, I need to stay current on what shows are causing chatter. My friends look to me to recommend shows because, truth be told, watching TV feels like a chore. With hundreds of shows, movies and platforms to choose from, it becomes overwhelming to mine through them all to find those true film gems. It’s honestly become an expertise.

    My hair drawer. I say drawer because it encompasses all my hair supplies, from accessories to products. I’m a naturalista and a hair drawer, box or bucket is key for the lifestyle. Though I like to switch my hairstyles up and see stylists, if they all ceased to exist, my handy-dandy hair box would get me through.

    My nail tech. I have had a relationship with my nail tech for almost three years now. She was recommended to me by a friend, and I have been a loyal client since. After transitioning from my local nail salon to my nail tech, I noticed that my nail shape lasted longer, my nails grew stronger and I got more compliments on my sets. The first thing a person notices is your hands, and if your nails become a talking point, having a nail tech as an exact point of reference is a great network opportunity.

    My phone. I use my phone to stay connected to the people and trends around me. Aside from texting and calling, I spend most of my time on TikTok. The app is great for not only comedic relief, but for career tips, recipes, hairstyles, home renovations, and film and product recommendations. I also frequently use Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the national and local mess.

    My mother. My mom and I are more like sisters. We hang out, go shopping and go out to eat all the time, but when I need advice she always gives me words of wisdom that confirm her love and admiration for me.

    My friends. Though my friend circle is small, they give me the support and encouragement I need to be great. I feel like they are on, if not above, my level, and I feel proud to call them friends. They keep me sane on the roller coaster of life.

    Long story short, I’m a material girl. Advertising is a material world, and the things I love make me well-equipped for the industry.

    Jerilynn Allen was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Her hobbies include reality television and self-care. Long-term, her ultimate goal is to copywrite for entertainment networks.

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