Black Financial Titans: Leading the Money Game

    These financial entrepreneurs have helped Black people get in the money game.

    This list is important because it spotlights those money-manager entrepreneurs who should be applauded for making sure that Black people are in the money game. They are our financial titans, whose companies have succeeded in an industry where very few African Americans have been allowed to thrive.

    Some started their careers on Wall Street, while others came right out of college into entrepreneurship. Managing billions of dollars that they have received from multiple areas—whether it is municipalities, pension firms or individual investors—these leaders and their companies have gained the confidence of not only our community but of all communities at large.

    Vista Equity Partners (Established 2000)

    Founder – Robert F. Smith

    Total assets under management (AUM): $101 billion

    EARNEST Partners (1998)

    Founder – Paul Viera

    Total AUM: $20 billion

    Ariel Investments (1983)

    Founder – John W. Rogers 

    Total AUM: $16.2 billion

    Brown Capital Management Inc. (1983)

    Founder – Eddie C. Brown

    Total AUM: $10.7 billion

    Pugh Capital Management Inc. (1991)

    Founders – Mary Pugh and 

    Scott Greiwe 

    Total AUM: $10.7 billion

    Advent Capital Management LLC (1995)

    Founder – Tracy V. Maitland 

    Total AUM: $9 billion

    Channing Capital Management LLC (2003)

    Founders – Rodney Herenton and Wendell Mackey 

    Total AUM: $4.3 billion 

    Bay Street Capital Holdings (2018)

    Founder – William Huston

    Total AUM: $480  million


    GenNx360 Capital Partners (2006)

    Founders – Lloyd Trotter and Ronald Blaylock

    Total AUM: $1.5 billion 


    Bronze Venture Fund (2009)

    Founder – Stephen DeBerry

    Total AUM: N/A

    Louis Carr is president of media sales at BET and publisher of WayMaker Journal.

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