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summer 2022

Beach Body Basics

Abs Without the Aches, By Detoxing Your System
Written by: Tracy Piper

There is nothing sexier than a nice set of abs, whether it is on a man or woman. Hence why we obsess about them, especially during summertime. What can we do to reach this holy grail besides endless crunches?

When we start to add inches to our abdominal area, this is a sign we may have hormonal imbalances leading to extra fat (think high insulin) in the area or we are needing to get rid of some of the waste we are carrying around. By watching what we eat, how we eat and also what we let go of, we can make a shift in our midsection.
Here are a few simple things we can do to achieve this.

Pre-digested food. Huh? Yes, a green juice or smoothie. These are broken down into more easily digestible parts so the body uses less energy to absorb the nutrients. When we do not chew our food properly, the undigested food sits in our digestive system and starts to ferment. This causes bloating and gas and feeds bad bacteria like Candida albicans. This can lead to so many health issues like leaky gut, diabetes, yeast infections and more.

Separate food and drink. Drink a glass of water or your wine 20-30 minutes before your meal. Why? When we drink anything with our food, we dilute the digestive enzymes that are there to break our food down. Food stays in your stomach for one hour before heading to the small intestines to turn into usable energy. This means you want to wait 60 minutes after eating to drink. You can lose inches and see those abs in three to four days just doing this.

Plan to poop. This is not the glamorous part, but it’s an essential element of detoxing for abs. Did you know that 30% of our lymphatic system is around our abs? Stagnant lymph (liquid trash) in this area will give us a protruding tummy and puffy look and holds on to excess toxins. By cleansing the colon, it can revert to its original size, not only showing our luscious abs but also enhancing our health.

Rub it in. Rubbing castor oil infused with essential oils on your abs to move the lymph, melt fat and eliminate the poop through your colon by diffusion is a fast and easy way to detox for abs. Take four tablespoons of castor oil in a glass bottle and add five drops each of these essential oils: lemongrass, lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit and lavender. Apply to your abdominal area at night before you go to sleep. Cover with a flannel cloth and a hot water bottle for 30 minutes or more daily. (Ladies: stop during your menstrual cycle.)

You will see and feel the difference in a week. Not only will you shrink your midsection by getting rid of excess poop and see those abs, but you will be emptying your liquid trash can (dirty lymph) to improve your immune system at the same time.

Tracy Piper is a detox specialist, internal fitness practitioner and author of The Piper Protocol: The Insider’s Secret to Weight Loss & Internal Fitness. IG: @thepipercenter.