Top 10 Affluent Black Neighborhoods

    Discover the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in the United States. High incomes, education, and homeownership rates define these thriving communities. Historically, Black neighborhoods have played a crucial role in fostering Black culture, economic empowerment, and social cohesion. From the Harlem Renaissance to the thriving communities of today, these neighborhoods have been havens of innovation, resilience, and progress.

    Here’s a closer look at these neighborhoods, showcasing their population, median income, education level, and homeownership rates.

    1. Baldwin Hills, California

    Black Population: 71.3%
    Median Income: $92,604
    College Education: 51%
    Homeownership: 40.2%
    Home Valuations: $1.4 million

    Known as the “Black Beverly Hills,” Baldwin Hills, including Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills, and View Park, is home to many Black professionals and celebrities.

    2. Mitchellville, Maryland

    Black Population: 81.9%
    Median Income: $118,022
    College Education: 47%
    Homeownership: 94%
    Home Valuations: $394,500

    An upper-middle-class community in Prince George’s County, Mitchellville stands out for its high income and education levels.

    3. Fort Washington, Maryland

    Black Population: 64.5%
    Median Income: $114,243
    College Education: 38%
    Homeownership: 87%
    Home Valuations: $400,000

    Close to Washington, D.C., Fort Washington is a haven for Black professionals, featuring high homeownership and income rates.

    4. Kettering, Maryland

    Black Population: 78.5%
    Median Income: $107,008
    College Education: 36%
    Homeownership: 93%
    Home Valuations: $375,000

    Kettering is noted for its thriving community, high homeownership, and substantial median income.

    5. Ladera Heights, California

    Black Population: 72%
    Median Income: $118,000
    College Education: 56%
    Homeownership: 72%
    Home Valuations: $1.2 million

    A suburb in Los Angeles, Ladera Heights attracts many Black professionals and celebrities with its high median home values and incomes.

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    6. Friendly, Maryland

    Black Population: 62.6%
    Median Income: $120,027
    College Education: 40%
    Homeownership: 88%
    Home Valuations: $425,000

    In Prince George’s County, Friendly is recognized for its high homeownership rates and affluent Black population.

    7. Olympia Fields, Illinois

    Black Population: 58%
    Median Income: $95,946
    College Education: 50%
    Homeownership: 93%
    Home Valuations: $325,000

    This suburb in Cook County boasts a well-educated and affluent Black community.

    8. Uniondale, New York

    Black Population: 55.5%
    Median Income: $96,359
    College Education: 35%
    Homeownership: 65%
    Home Valuations: $649,000

    Located in Nassau County, Uniondale is known for its high median incomes and significant home values.

    9. Hillcrest, New York

    Black Population: 51%
    Median Income: $130,000
    College Education: 45%
    Homeownership: 75%
    Home Valuations: $426,000

    Situated in Rockland County, Hillcrest is one of the wealthiest Black neighborhoods in New York.

    10. Woodmore, Maryland

    Black Population: 72.3%
    Median Income: $103,438
    College Education: 48%
    Homeownership: 90%
    Home Valuations: $475,000

    A prosperous community in Prince George’s County, Woodmore is known for its high-income Black residents and high homeownership rates.

    These neighborhoods highlight the success and prosperity within the Black community, offering excellent opportunities for growth, stability, and community involvement.

    Sources: Daily Bruin; ​Cachet Magazine; Census; Spotcovery; Black Enterprise; Black Owned 360

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