Z. Scott

The first issue of WayMaker presented thought-provoking and expertly researched articles that speak to the heart of our community. I look forward to the next issue. Thank you Louis Carr!

Ziad Ahmed

WayMaker is the manual that we’ve been waiting for to help us each chart our own path forward towards living a life worth living. It’s an honor to be included in the premier issue – and I can’t wait for that’s to come.

The Hollowells

A must-read! WayMaker lays out a path to inspire and celebrate Black excellence. Honored to be in your inaugural addition.

Terrance Pratt

I really enjoyed reading WayMaker. Powerful insights in a relatable format. The clean imagery and sophisticated presentation are added pluses.

Ian Brock

It’s truly inspiring to read stories and different journeys of people’s successes. I’m even more encouraged to help make ways for others.

Nicole Marie Pittmon

Waymaker is a well written magazine with insightful human-interest stories from aspirational leaders. A perfect easy read to unwind and escape from a busy week.

Toi Salter

WakMayer Journal is like a new BFF...beautiful cover to cover, engaging, uplifting & wants to see me WIN! I love it.

Cameron D. Hubert

The WayMaker Journal is DYNAMIC! The stories shared and insights given are unique and powerful. If you’re looking to answer integral questions for your next steps in life, WayMaker can serve as a great resource.

Chris Bivins

The idea of WayMaker couldn’t have come at a better time. We all needed something to inspire and give us hope to be better.

Rose Clifton

The WayMaker journal is insightful and inspiring. It provides a wealth of critical information on leadership, justice, style and day-to-day living. What a treat!


Mostly “thank you”. The whole WayMaker message resonates with me. The Premier Issue brought that message to life for me through inspiring profiles and stories.


Louis Carr’s WayMaker Journal is extremely motivating. The compelling articles convince me to examine myself, my impact on others, and to bring my best self.

Melody Spann Cooper

Louis has set the bar high with WayMaker establishing his own take on mission-branding and challenging all of us to strive for Black Excellence!

Laya Wattley

I love the Journal. I find that the articles are both uplifting and inspirational. These empowering stories are definitely needed during these difficult times that we live in. Looking forward to reading more.

Andre Hill

WayMaker is a necessary publication during these times to re-paint the misrepresented narrative of Black culture and showcase fresh faces moving culture and society forward.

Chris Morrow

Come on up is right! The words inscribed in this tome are a tribute to Louis Carr’s incredible journey, and will guide any and all who read it to a fulfilling career. Well done!

Courtney Tavazo

This publication was a true inspiration. Waymakers are an essential part of today’s world. They pave the way for others to achieve greatness & allow their mentees to one day become waymakers as well.

Ted Ellis

I am posting and reposting on my social media platforms, and receiving great responses to the magazine and article. Mr. Louis Carr is outstanding, and I appreciate all the opportunities he has provided for me, my family and community!!!

Jaicee Christian

WayMaker is a well put together magazine giving out highlights of people doing great things in this world.

Brynne Spears

Overall, I enjoyed reading every story provided in this issue of WayMaker Journal, especially the stories involving past LCIF interns and where they’re working today.