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fall 2021

Set Your Own Bar

Don’t Let Others Determine What Matters Most to You
Written by: Nicole Lynne

It’s important to remember that success is defined by you. It’s not defined by society’s standards, social media or books on success. Success is subjective.

Success for you may mean having two beautiful babies and being the best stay-at-home mom the world has ever seen. Success could mean staying in a nine-to-five job and moving up the corporate ladder one position at a time. For others, success is simply living life with indescribable peace.

In your search for purpose, you also need to define what success looks like. When each individual decides what success looks like, he or she can then act according to that vision.

If my purpose in life is to be a sports agent, and I become a sports agent, does that mean I’m successful?

It might. But even in the realm of sports agents, success has different meanings. Some sports agents deem success as having X number of clients. Others deem success as having a certain level of draft pick.

Finding your purpose is one struggle, but defining what success means for you is a whole different process. Take a minute and decide what a life full of purpose means to you. Then consider how you define success. I challenge you to write this down right now: “I consider success to be “_____”.

You can’t be successful when you don’t even know what success looks like for you. Here is how I define success for myself: “I consider success to be…”
• financially able to survive with one career
• representing top athletes around the world
• having players come to me, instead of recruiting them
• an expert in my field, but someone who’s always open to learning
• prioritizing my marriage and family above my career
• making millions of dollars so I can give most of it away
• having indescribable peace through it all

My version of success is specific to my life, core values, intrinsic needs and God-given purpose. It’s also tied to what makes me feel worthy and, most important, what gives me joy. Once you achieve certain milestones or recognize you’re unwilling to make certain sacrifices, your definition of success might change. And that’s healthy and appropriate.

Your life should be lived in accordance with your beliefs—not someone else’s.

Taken from Agent You: Show Up, Do the Work, and Succeed on Your Own Terms by Nicole Lynn. Copyright © 2021 by Nicole Lynn. Used by permission of Harper Horizon.

The first Black woman to represent a Top 3 NFL draft pick, Nicole Lynne is senior agent and president of football operations at the Klutch Sports Group. She also represents multiple clients in the entertainment industry.