Nia Long Ensures Son Faces No Student Loan Debt

Nia Long and her sons
Nia Long and her sons via Instagram

Nia Long recently appeared at the 2024 American Black Film Festival, where she was the guest speaker for a fireside chat, “Money and Mindfulness: A Conversation with Nia Long,”  moderated by Jack Howard (Ally’s Head of Money Wellness). The actress touched upon her eldest son, Massai Z. Dorsey II, graduating from New York University with no student debt as a result of her financial planning.

Before becoming a mother, actress Nia Long proactively established a college fund to ensure a bright future for her children.

“One of the things is [that] I started saving for my children before I became a mother,” Long revealed in the chat, according to Blavity.

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She continued: “I took $3,000, and I just put it in this account. I was like, I’m never touching that. And it allowed me to get my son through NYU without any student loans. And he just graduated and I’m so proud. It makes me cry, because we did it. Yes, we did it. And it was a plan. And if you put that plan into action and you just don’t waver from your ultimate goal, God will show you the way to get there. I can’t even explain it any other way. You just have to trust the process.”

“Education is a priority,” Long stated in an interview. “I wanted to make sure my children had every opportunity available to them.” This effort reflects Long’s dedication to providing her children with the best possible start in life, emphasizing the importance of planning and investing in their future.

The actress revealed that her oldest will be attending law school now that he has graduated from NYU with his bachelor’s degree.

Long, known for her roles in films such as “Boyz n the Hood” and “The Best Man,” has always been vocal about the importance of education and the impact it can have on one’s life. By starting a college fund early, Long aimed to alleviate future financial pressures and ensure that her children could focus on their studies and personal growth.