NBA Unveils 2024 HBCU Fellowship Class to Inspire Black Youth

    The NBA has revealed its third annual HBCU Fellowship class. This fellowship is a 10-week internship that offers students from HBCUs the chance to gain experience with the professional basketball league. The program was initiated in 2022, as stated on

    “When the league aimed to enhance its support for the HBCU community, we created this program to give HBCU students an opportunity to understand the business side of basketball and enter the sports industry,” said Lauren Sills, head of operations for the NBA Foundation, according to

    Sills added, “Creating career and talent opportunities for students aligns perfectly with the NBA Foundation’s mission. Developing career pipeline initiatives for students with experiences similar to mine is a unique and invaluable opportunity.”

    The 2024 class includes 70 fellows from 22 HBCUs, who will work with nearly all NBA teams and one WNBA team. These interns will travel to their assigned team locations to contribute to various departments such as marketing and business. The program aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to advance in the basketball industry.

    “Our program has redefined the internship experience by offering access to a wide range of departments and roles, allowing students to learn about the diverse career opportunities within the NBA,” said Fredrick Salyers, Senior Manager of Early Career Programs. “One of my main goals for the fellowship is to establish a more sophisticated and intentional pipeline for students of color.”

    The NBA also aims to use this pipeline and its growing alumni network to ensure a diverse workforce throughout its organization.

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