LeBron James Congratulates First College Grad from I Promise School

    LeBron James celebrated a significant milestone as the first student from his I Promise School to graduate from college. Anthony Claytor made history for the athlete’s school located in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

    Claytor graduated from Kent State University. In 2020, the university guaranteed students in the first class of I Promise free tuition for 4 years and one year of room and board. In a heartfelt message shared on social media on Tuesday, the NBA superstar expressed his pride and excitement for Claytor.

    The LeBron James Family Foundation shared a short clip including Claytor and his support system. “The promise I made to myself when I accepted this scholarship,” the college grad says, “was to become a better individual. To finish college so that I can live a better lifestyle.”

    Claytor’s achievement marks a new chapter for the I Promise School, setting a precedent for future students and reinforcing the vision of creating a brighter future through education.

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    This milestone is a testament to the I Promise School’s mission and the collective efforts of the students, educators, and the entire LeBron James Family Foundation. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that targeted educational initiatives can have on individuals and communities.

    The I Promise School, located in Akron, Ohio, was founded by James in 2018 to provide at-risk children with the support and resources needed for academic and personal success. The school offers an innovative curriculum, comprehensive support services, and a nurturing environment aimed at helping students overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

    James’ unwavering commitment to his hometown and his passion for giving back continue to leave an indelible mark, inspiring hope and progress.

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