Jackie Aina’s Crown Royal Partnership Leads to $50K Donation to Black Girl Ventures

In a powerful display of corporate social responsibility, Crown Royal has announced a generous donation of $50,000 to the Black Girl Ventures Foundation (BGV), according to People of Color In Tech.

This donation is part of a broader collaboration with FORVR Mood, the lifestyle brand co-founded by beauty influencer Jackie Aina. The partnership celebrates the release of a limited-edition candle, “Berry On Top,” inspired by Crown Royal’s new Blackberry Flavored Whisky, blending the worlds of luxury and social impact.

“Our new Blackberry Flavored Whisky is one of our most flavorful yet! It was important that we found the perfect partner to not only celebrate this exciting new release but also one whose passion for creativity and entrepreneurship aligned with our vision for The Crown Royal Blackberry Stand,” Hadley Schafer, VP of Crown Royal, said in a statement. “This collaboration with Jackie Aina and FORVR Mood not only highlights this flavor profile in such a fun and unexpected way but also makes a meaningful impact by supporting the next generation of 21+ business owners.”

A significant portion of the donation, amounting to $25,000, is earmarked for the BGV Pitch Program. This program is dedicated to empowering Black and Brown women entrepreneurs by providing them with resources, funding, and opportunities to grow their businesses. By supporting this initiative, Crown Royal and FORVR Mood are taking concrete steps to address the funding gap and systemic challenges that minority women face in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The FORVR Mood website also reaffirms its commitment to the Black Girl Ventures Foundation, highlighting the importance of supporting entrepreneurial diversity and the impact of such contributions on the community. This partnership is not just about celebrating a new product but also about creating lasting positive change.

Jackie Aina, a prominent advocate for diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry, expressed her excitement about the partnership and the donation. She emphasized the importance of supporting organizations that uplift and empower marginalized communities, aligning with her personal and professional values.

The limited-edition candle, inspired by Crown Royal’s Blackberry Flavored Whisky, represents more than just a collaboration between two brands. It symbolizes a commitment to making a difference and supporting the dreams and ambitions of Black and Brown women entrepreneurs.