Family and Fragrance

While there are many things in my life that I can’t imagine living without, there are six things that mean something extra-special to me. Let me share them with you.

“Nana”: She has raised me ever since I was a little girl and has given me a lot of advice on how to be the best person I can be. My grandmother pushed me to overcome any feelings of imposter syndrome I had and pushed me over the edge to pursue great opportunities that might advance my career.

Jocelyn: I’ve known my best friend ever since I was in the sixth grade. She and Ihave gone on a long journey of friendship together. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we somehow managed to FaceTime with each other almost every day, just to have someone to talk to as we were in quarantine to stay safe from the outside world. Through this we became very close and now even attend the same college, where we are roommates.

Sunshine: While it’s not a physical thing I can touch and talk to, it is something that has always made me happy. Having sunshine in my life on a nice bright day means it’s going to be an energetic day, where I can stay productive and get things done. Just a tiny piece of sunshine increases my serotonin levels and gives me the boost in my day that I need.

Prince: I’ve had my dog for almost 10 years now, and to me he’s still the little energetic puppy like when I first got him. He’s more of my dad’s best friend than he is mine, to be honest, but I still think of him as something I could never replace with another animal as he’s been a longtime part of my life.

Tech: My electronics—my Mac-Book, iPhone and AirPods—are non-sentimental objects, but they provide a lot of my daily fixes, like social media, music, news and access to the online shopping world. I couldn’t function without them as it’s kind of an addiction to be able to do so many things with one object that provides productivity and functionality in so many ways.

Fragrance: This is something I like to splurge on because the opportunity to smell good has always given me the confidence to rock my day. Everyone has their own “thing” they like to spend money on and fragrance has been that one for me, as compliments always come through and make me feel happy wherever I go.

Maijalyne Caffey is a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago, majoring in marketing and minoring in leadership, with hopes of working in social media marketing.