Canvas Beauty Founder Earns $1M on TikTok Live

Stormi Steele, Canvas Beauty Founder

Stormi Steele, the founder and CEO of Canvas Beauty, has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first person to earn $1 million through a single TikTok Live, according to AfroTech. This significant accomplishment occurred on June 8, highlighting the innovative use of social media platforms by modern entrepreneurs.

The $1 million milestone was achieved during a series of live sessions where Steele demonstrated the benefits and effectiveness of her hair care products. By leveraging TikTok’s reach and real-time interaction capabilities, Steele was able to convert viewer engagement into substantial revenue. The TikTok global team shared the news with her after the live session.

“A MOMENT FOR LIFFEEEE!! … this was the 1m dollar live moment from here in Alabama and LA!!! Im going to carry this with me forever! We freaking made the BLUEPRINT,” Steele wrote in an Instagram post celebrating the TikTok Live’s success.

She continued, “To be the FIRST person and brand to accomplish this epic feat and being a part of TIKTOK history is a dream come true! Add being a BLACK FEMALE from a no stoplight town learning on her own on top of that just makes it that much sweeter!!! And now I’m excited to help find other amazing brands find success on TIKTOK as well!! That’s what CANVAS BEAUTY is all about!”

Steele launched Canvas Beauty in 2018 to cater to the diverse hair care needs of individuals with textured hair. In its first year, the business sold more than 1 million units. In 2019, going viral led the business to earn 30,000 monthly orders compared to 6,000 before the exposure, reports Forbes.

However, the influx of orders prompted Steele and her husband and business partner, Courtney Beasley, to learn a quick lesson about running an online business. They worked to create a fulfillment center and hire a customer service team. According to Business Insider, by 2020, the company was in better standing around Black Friday and had earned $20 million in sales.

Despite Steele’s victories, she still experienced the growing pains of launching a business. In 2022, she neared the brink of losing her business altogether.

Steele utilizes TikTok Live to engage directly with her audience. The dynamic and interactive nature of TikTok Live allows Steele to connect with her followers, showcase her products, and share her expertise in hair care. Her ability to resonate with viewers and build a community of trust and enthusiasm around the Canvas Beauty brand was crucial to this success.

This achievement not only underscores Steele’s entrepreneurial skills but also highlights a broader trend of using social media platforms for business growth. TikTok, in particular, has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to reach new heights, allowing entrepreneurs like Steele to interact directly with consumers, receive real-time feedback, and foster a sense of authenticity and connection.