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The Blueprint Connect Podcast, hosted by Louis Carr, features interviews that will inspire and motivate. A companion to The Blueprint Men's Summit, it is a safe space for men to gather, inspire, motivate, and share lessons that will benefit and help them develop into the best version of themselves.

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Executives, Doctors, Financial Strategists, Celebrities, Athletes, Influencers, Moguls, and Leaders From The Fortune 500

The Blueprint Connect Podcast brings together a diverse range of voices from various fields. Whether you are listening to a celebrity, an athlete, an influencer, a billionaire mogul, or one of the top CEOs in the country, each guest shares their unique perspective and valuable insights. Our episodes are filled with real-life experiences and practical advice that can help you navigate your own path and achieve your goals.


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Every episode of The Blueprint Connect Podcast brings you closer to stories that matter. From overcoming challenges to celebrating successes, our guests open up about their lives in a way that resonates and motivates. These conversations are not just stories; they are blueprints for success, offering actionable insights and valuable lessons.