Check out Louis Carr in ABC7 Chicago’s “Black and Powerful” streaming series!

press Mar 01, 2021

ABC7 Chicago is running a 10-part streaming series titled “Black and Powerful.” Through this series, ABC7 Chicago hopes to inspire young men and women to dream, pursue their goals, and achieve them. Each episode, they sit down with a different leader in entertainment, sports, education, and many more important industries.

This week’s episode features none other than WayMaker Founder and BET President of Media Sales, Louis Carr! Louis will share the experience and insight he has gained throughout his journey, share valuable and applicable strategies listeners can use in their journeys, and touch on important, relevant topics concerning the state of our nation. 

Tune in to hear about success, the Black dollar, and Louis’ hopes and plans for the WayMaker brand. You don’t want to miss this powerful conversation regarding these important topics!

You can check out the full interview and accompanying article by visiting AB7 Chicago at