Creating and Leading a Diverse Environment

podcast Dec 15, 2020

Louis Carr was recently asked to join media host Virgil Sierra on the AVAIL Leadership Podcast. On the podcast, a variety of topics were discussed with Louis, such as the value of a diverse environment, success as a lifestyle, and his book, Dirty Little Secrets!

[0:19-5:20]: Introduction/meet Louis Carr

[5:20-7:40]: Caring for Those You Lead

[7:40-25:50]: Diversity Defined/Creating and Leading a Diverse Environment

[25:50-33:50]: Commitment, Challenges, and Growth

[33:50-39:35]: Seeing Around the Corner and Creating Culture

[39:35-41:25]: A Mindset of Learning and Growth

[41:25-41:50]: Connect with Louis Carr/Books

[41:50-44:16]: AVAIL Journal/Annual Subscription Offer

[44:16-46:41]: Closing Thoughts