WayMaker aims to influence, motivate and inspire individuals to attain their best life by providing the knowledge and journeys of subject-matter experts who have not only been through something but have come through something.

If you are anything like me, you know that you didn’t get where you are in life all on your own. There were others guiding you and cheering you on. We all need people like that—maybe more than ever, after a year of such immense economic, racial and cultural turmoil.

As you may be aware, I have been active in educating, motivating, inspiring, mentoring and philanthropy for many years, but I believe we are in a time now when we all need to step up our game to make a greater impact.

That is why I am launching a new initiative to help provide direction, wisdom and inspiration to people wanting to grow their life and change the world...


This umbrella brand will offer insight from subject-matter experts across a wide range of fields. We focus on business, entrepreneurship, finances, health, relationships, and personal development.

You will be able to access this content through master classes, conferences, online training, podcasts, books and study guides, and a new quarterly publication launching soon, WayMaker Journal!

In the first issue, you will hear from actor Hill Harper, artists Lecrae and Charles Jenkins, fashion designer Amable Yalong, NBA referee James Capers, advertising executive Danielle Austen and others. They will be sharing their journey and expertise in support of the WayMaker mission:

“Grow your life and change the world.”

Now more than ever, we all need each other to be our best possible versions of ourselves. I hope you will join me in seeking to help others become and achieve all they can. 

Louis Carr

Founder, WayMaker



Media Mogul. Motivational Speaker. Philanthropist. Author.

Louis Carr is the President of Media Sales for BET Networks and one of the most influential and prominent African-Americans in the media and advertising industries. A long way from humble beginnings on the West Side of Chicago, Louis Carr is responsible for more advertising dollars targeting African-American consumers than any other professional or company in history. A corporate executive, author, philanthropist, fashionista, and dynamic motivational speaker, Louis Carr is giving nationwide audiences a reason to recalibrate their lives. His powerful words and unapologetic delivery are inspiring people around the country to have a new perspective on reinventing themselves, building a vision for success, and overcoming adversity.